I recently did a guest post over at Urban Outfitters' blog talking a bit about my personal beauty routine, and I wanted to expand on that post a bit and focus more on talking about building up simple beauty routines and a signature look. 

So much like I have talked about developing a signature look when it comes to your garments, I think it is equally important to develop a signature beauty look. Personally, I am still working on this- I like to change my hair quite a bit. But I feel like I am slowly settling into a favorite haircut and a favorite way of wearing my makeup. My secret to this - LESS IS MORE.

For me personally, the less makeup I wear and the less products I own the less concerned I am with my appearance. I love being able to throw on some cover up, a swipe of eyeliner and out the door I go. I have even gotten to the point that by the time I wake in the morning to the time I am out the door only takes me twenty minuets.  For a woman in her 20s, being confident in her own skin is enough of a job, and adding on having to worry about looking perfect is too much pressure. So I always advise to stick to what is natural- If your hair is curly, then wear it curly and if it is straight wear it straight and if you look great in red lipstick, then wear it, every single day. Feel freedom in knowing that there is more power in being confident with yourself then there is in perfecting your appearance. Makeup should enhance your beauty, not cover up your flaws. And from my experience, the more ways you simplify your routine, the more confidence and freedom that comes with letting some of the little details go.

What are your thoughts? Id love to hear them!  

For more details about specific products I am currently loving, make sure to check out the UO Beauty Post here.


For me, when it comes to jewelry, I am a firm believer in the simpler, the better. I would much rather wear one striking and unique piece, then multiple little pieces all at once. That being said, this Kathleen Whitaker Ear Cuff is exactly the type of piece that I get so excited about. I love its simple shape and design, yet it still manages to be just enough of that super unique statement piece - plus that added bonus - its rose gold. I have been slowing shifting all my jewelry from yellow gold to rose gold. I feel like the coppery hue has long been a shade that I have been in love with. But recently this shade has felt even fresher and somehow even more strikingly beautiful then ever, and I so love that Kathleen offers her designs in both yellow and rose gold.

Maybe even the best news of all is that she is offering free shipping on all orders now through Sunday, in celebration of her recent website relaunch (which looks beautiful!). So jump on it and get yourself some new jewels! 

Wearing both the Ear Cuff and Stitch Earring


mixtape // all okay

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I literally feel like every bone in my body is screaming for high summer. So this is a little mixtape to help hurry it along and prepare our skin to once again, see the sun.

Grimes | Genesis

Jai Pail | BTSTU (Edit)

Blood Orange | Dinner

Black Moth Super Rainbow | Dreamsicle Bomb

Ice Cube | Check Yo Self

Purity Ring | Fineshrine

Sbtrkt | Something Goes Right

Mr Little Jeans | The Suburbs

Baths | Animals

Sylvan Esso | Hey Mami

Lana Del Rey | Brooklyn Baby